Tim Hetherington doccie


Having read the auto biographies of Robert Capa, Don McCullen and a few other war photojournalists in the past I was under the impression that this sort of photography / journalism attracted a certain type of adventure seeking journalist. This documentary changed my mind.

Tim Hetherington was killed in Libya in 2011 whilst covering the conflict there. I heard the news and quite soon afterwards saw the documentary he had made called Restrepo with ?? Showing an outpost in Afghanistan that was under nearly daily bombardment and attack. It was a very sensitive piece highlighting the intense friendships amongst comrades based there.

Getting back to Tim – this doccie showed how his upbringing and travel had changed his focus from the event of war to the ‘humanity’ of war – those bonds between the people involved. He had an amazing eye and his death is a sad loss to the profession. Try watch the film if you can, and the original Restrepo if you can find a copy.