it is all about design

I am off to London today – I have a meeting about an exciting design doccie over the weekend and that got me thinking about iconic design and perhaps the most iconic design item – the london tube map – well it is about to change …. london-metro-subway-tube-map-1000

Put your hands together for Jug Cerović who’s masterfully reworked metro maps for stylish navigation. The French- Serbian architect has standardised 12 underground networks across Europe, Asia and America, enlarging the central part of the maps to make them easier to read. The London Underground version is helpfully labelled with the initial of each line, and stations are laid out in a way that makes more sense geographically. The Overground has also been transformed into a satisfying loop that circles the city so you’ll never get derailed again. All of the maps are intended to be easier to memorise when touching down in foreign terrain and use a standard set of symbols across the board. They’re also designed to be super legible even on pocket-sized versions, making blending in with the locals simpler than ever