some films

Another film with D8  ( and Morrison Bowmore to produce this brand story of a high quality Highland Single Malt whisky range. A good shoot and blessed with the weather.

A film for Hope and Homes charity in Rwanda. A beautiful filming trip in an amazing country for a very worthwhile cause.

A corporate film for Black Horse Finance – one of 6 films produced for this client in 2015

D8 teamed up with Spalding for the European launch of three ranges of performance sportswear, delivering all collateral across five languages, including sales literature, product catalogues, marketing literature, press ads, a Magento-built website and promo films (which is where we came in).  No hype, no glitz, just exceptionally good.

A music video for Fake Major on the Comets and Cartwheels label …. a fun shoot utilising wee Ruby as the star.

The iQ Building Futures Lab is a consultancy that can make delivering low carbon homes easier for you. They wanted a cost effective solution to a publicity problem. A short video aimed internally at the trade that would garner interest and win new clients.

You can feel the attention to detail. Effortlessly and naturally musical, this is hi-fi with no-holds-barred. Sound quality beyond compare, stunning looks and impeccable build. As close to perfect as you can get, this isn’t just the last music system you’ll ever need  —  it’s the last system you’ll ever want.

This required an innovative approach that drew the link between the artistic hand made devotion of the staff and the state of the art products that leave this factory and are sought throughout the world.

A film Precious produced for Craft Scotland giving a sneak peek into the Saatchi COLLECT 2011 presentation

A video for RBS working once again with the creative people at D8

A safety awareness film produced for a local housing authority

One of the stranger and more unplanned films that we have filmed. Simon Munnery, also known by his stagenames of Alan Parker: Urban Warrior and The League Against Tedium, is an English comedy writer and experimental standup comedian. He performs mainly to an alternative audience but has pierced the mainstream both with his BBC Radio 1 show in 1997 and his BBC2 television series Attention Scum! in 2001.His stand-up is often satirical and political and almost always surreal, his act also contains harmonica playing.

Part 1 of a 4 part documentary series on Syria. Interviews both in Arabic and English and final delivery in Arabic for pan-Arab transmission.

Finally some music. L@tDBL (Live at the Diving Bell Lounge) is a concept film series we started alongside a friend who own a studio to record bands / musicians in Glasgow. The difference is that we record live – one take shot on 2 or 3 cameras. Semi Acoustic …. bish bash bosh …. done. This is Frightened Rabbit one of my favourite bands. See more Diving Bell action here .

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